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Inspirational Heather keeps moving at Fullarton

Living Choice Fullarton resident, Heather Geytenbeek (92) has decided she is not going to let COVID-19 prevent her from getting her daily dose of exercise. Heather was spotted running up and down the passage outside her apartment – have a look at the video here.

Heather moved into Living Choice Fullarton in December 2014 and has always enjoyed a daily walk in the surrounding leafy suburb. She and her little dog Smudge were a familiar sight when walking in the area. Sadly, Smudge passed away 18 months ago and she now uses two walking poles for her daily walks as she says she does not work hard enough with the walker.

In Heather’s youth she was a State hockey player and a very good mile runner at University. During later years she belonged to a walking group called Walking for Fitness and Pleasure which included many overseas walking tours. She stopped about 10 years ago after 28 years with the group.

Heather G 2Heather is also a keen dancer and never misses an opportunity to dance, sometimes with the aid of a walking stick or walker. In pre-COVID-19 days she enjoyed attending many social events at the village, including the regular cabaret evenings. You can be sure that when the restrictions are lifted, she will be the first to be back on the dance floor!