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International Women’s Day

In light of International Women's Day we caught up with some inspirational women in Living Choice villages across Australia. It was great to hear from these ladies on their achievements and what International Women's Day means to them. Read their stories below.

Jen Hawkes - Living Choice Woodcroft

Living Choice Woodcroft resident, Jen Hawkes, was more than happy to share her experience with us! Jen was the Treasurer for the Woodcroft Social Club for the last fourteen years and said it was quite an achievement for her. Alongside the committee and with the help of her husband, they managed to work towards getting new equipment for the residents and the village in general. "Being chosen to give my opinion on this day has been a great honor" says Jen.

Wendy Gardiner - Living Choice Broadwater Court

Wendy Gardiner, pictured with her daughter-in-law, Trish. Wendy has lived at Broadwater Court for 7 years where she has not only been a resident, she is an ambassador and a person who the community respects. 14 years ago along with her daughter in-law Trisha Wilson, they established the Adam Gardiner Fund INC. after the passing of her son which from conception to date has now grown into one of the World’s Best Clinics specialising in Amyloidosis – Westmead Amyloidosis Clinic. This is only possible due to the hard work in networking & fundraising in which over $2,000,000 has been raised directly & indirectly for the Clinic. From selling raffle tickets on a Saturday morning to now being able to save lives we feel anything can be possible with love and your whole heart dedicated. With commitment, integrity & persistence we as women can make anything possible!

Jeanette Smith, Helen Pope &  Jan Foulcher - Leisure Lea Gardens Retirement Village

Enid Hewson - Living Choice Glenhaven 

Fun fact - she was our very first resident at Glenhaven! In 2005 Enid started the craft group and now in 2020 they can have up to 21 ladies participate. Over the 15 years they have supported lots of charities including Wrapped with Love, African Babies, Women's Shelter, the Children's Hospital and more. They have also recently helped out to raise funds for the recent bush fire and flood appeals. Enid has been a huge part of keeping the craft group together over the years, a fun activity where they get give back to the community. Great work Enid!

Heather Geytenbeek - Living Choice Fullarton 

"Everywhere I go at Fullarton, I see smiles & activities - proof that older women here are experiencing full and happy lives."