Jan’s COVID-19 vaccination journey

Living Choice Woodcroft resident, Jan Clements, had her COVID-19 vaccination as part of the Phase 1B rollout and shares her story.

“After six agonising months of trying to make the right decision about the vaccine I honestly thought I probably would like to wait for further testing before I would take the plunge. After all, I've only just recently started having the flu jab!

“As I'm one of those classed in the high risk category, I was phoned last week by my medical centre to say they had received their quota and offered me an appointment to have my COVID vaccination the following Wednesday. WHAT THE! This was now a very real scenario.

“I indicated I didn't think I was ready and they were perfectly fine with that and said I could let them know when I felt confident. We chatted for a while and I finally said, "you know what, I'm never going to be comfortable so let's just do it". My reasoning was that, after all, COVID-19 is a strain of the flu, albeit a very deadly one. Unlike other vaccinations over the years which have been released too early, surely this one had a base already from many years of successful flu and pneumonia vaccinations. Even if there are side-effects from the jab, people who have contracted COVID are suffering side-effects 12 months after they recovered from it - I figured I had nothing to lose.

“So, I bit the bullet... and am so happy to report the process and set-up was perfect. I was taken directly into the room where the doctor and the nurse were all organised, bypassing the usual waiting room. The doctor then went through previous allergic reactions etc and when she was satisfied that I was not at risk the nurse did the deed! They then had a special area set up, again away from the normal waiting room, where I had a 15-minute wait to ensure there were no adverse reactions. I was given my 'certificate' with the time of 10.33am written on it which was when I could leave.

“Despite my vaccination day being a busy day, I’m pleased to report that I had absolutely no side-effects - no sore arm, no symptoms whatever. I have to say I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself and I’m pleased I took that step.”