Kawana Island Ambassadors are very much appreciated

Living Choice Kawana Island Ambassadors were celebrated on Tuesday 21 December with morning tea in the lounge area of the Leisure Centre.

With most in attendance, these amazing Ambassadors gathered for a lovely assortment of fresh cut fruit, cherries, Danish pastries, tarts and tea and coffee.

QLD Sales Manager, Suzie Gray; Village Manager, Russ Dunstan; QLD Home Care Case Manager, Dee Evans; and Regional Marketing Manager – Sunshine Coast, Simone McKenna, hosted the celebrations but it seems these delightful Ambassadors couldn’t help themselves and wanted to help make tea and clean up afterwards.

We also had the privilege of welcoming new resident to the village, Marta Gajdosik. Marta had waited 3 months to move into her villa due to being in lockdown and having to quarantine for two weeks upon entering Queensland. Marta was warmly embraced by the ambassadors, and Suzie presented her with a Referral Gift Card.

Suzie then presented each Ambassador with a gift of chocolates and beauty care, to show how much we appreciate and value their support throughout the year.

These incredible Ambassadors do so much work behind the scenes, organising functions and activities, and promoting the village.

Please join me in thanking these superstars for their outstanding work, and the time they dedicate to their role.