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Kim McCosker shines at Kawana Island

Simone McKenna reports

It has been a long time since Living Choice has been able to host a marketing event at Living Choice Kawana Island. Therefore, it was fitting that the event featured a person who has the wonderful ability to not only make us laugh in these difficult COVID times but make our lives easier in the kitchen too!

Cookery author, Kim McCosker, is an expert in making recipes simple to follow and easy to cook. Her company “4 Ingredients” owns the rights to 37 cookbooks and has global sales nearing 9 million copies. She has completed two TV series for Foxtel and is also the National Ambassador for Coeliac Australia.

Both residents and Living Choice clients were invited to a cookery demonstration with Kim at the village and it was a wonderful opportunity for the Resident Ambassadors to shine. They took care of plating delicious sandwiches, muffins and fruit and then served tea and coffee with warm smiles and efficiency.

Kim’s genuine love of cooking was evident as she demonstrated how easy it is to make dishes like Guacamole, Chicken Satay, Fruit Cake and Mandarin Almond Cake, offering taste tests for the audience and telling stories of how her cookbooks were created.

When Kim first wrote 4 Ingredients she anticipated her target audience to be busy mums. She is astounded by the number of men, students and retirees who have embraced the 4 Ingredients philosophy.

A particularly funny story shared was how a husband saw one of Kim’s 4 Ingredients cookbooks on the kitchen bench and believed he could bake cupcakes with the vanilla cake mix in the pantry, and his bourbon and coke. Suffice to say the cupcake turned out spectacularly and the results went viral.

Kim’s very first recipe was Apricot Chicken, and most of the recipes in the first manuscript were inspired by the generation of the audience – smart, simple and tasty.

Each recipe has a star ingredient, and to keep up with trends, Kim tirelessly researches popular dishes and finds ways to cook them easily. This has extended to 4 Ingredients Veggie & Vegan and Gluten Free cookbooks, amongst many others.

At the end of Kim’s demonstration, prizes were drawn. Barbara Wolfe won the beautiful hamper created by Suzi Morland; and the longest residing village resident, Val Radley, won a signed copy of 4 Ingredients Celebrations cookbook.

Kim is a passionate about breast cancer fundraising, and in support of National Breast Cancer Foundation, 4 Ingredients has partnered up with Coastline Mini Garage to present High Tea by the Sea 2021 Mini Raffle, giving you a chance to win a new Mini Cooper 3.

Tickets for the raffle can be purchased at: The High Tea By The Sea 2021 MINI Raffle (raffletix.com.au)