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Knitting up a storm for those in need

There is no doubt that kindness can be contagious, and everyone needs kindness in their world.

The ladies from The Creative Fringe in Jamisontown, New South Wales witness acts of kindness each and every week when volunteers arrive to their warehouse dropping in blankets and others donating knitted squares. The ‘Think Outside the Square Blanket Challenge’ has been ongoing for 4 years and has had 230 volunteers create over 404 blankets. The aim of the challenge is to make and donate over 200 blankets to the community by the end of winter each year.

Our amazing members of the craft group at Living Choice Glenhaven have been hard at work participating in the challenge for the second year in a row. Not only gifting their time, but also their hard work for those in need.

The craft group arrived at the warehouse in the Living Choice minibus to deliver 21 beautifully knitted, vibrant blankets and wool squares. The team spent the morning with the Creative Fringe team sharing laughs and enjoying morning tea.

It is heartwarming to know that someone will be kept warm this year because of the generosity of the craft team.

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