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Lebanese delights and a visit to the Auburn Botanical Gardens

Living Choice Broadwater Court residents enjoyed their `Long Day Out’ trip on Thursday 21st September. CHRIS MURRELL REPORTS.

Visiting Auburn in Sydney’s West was a great experience for everyone on the bus. It’s an area with a diverse range of people from many parts of the world, the largest groups being Turkish and Lebanese, so this is where we focused our eating for the day.

We started with coffee and Turkish delights such as baklava before heading off to visit the Auburn Botanical Gardens, a lovely wander with most of the Spring blooms on display. Sunshine and not too much heat made for a perfect day to do this.

A Lebanese smorgasbord (if there is such a thing!) was laid out for us by a very gracious host who had promised to delight us with a variety of their specialties. There was plenty of fresh food with the subtle spices that make it so delicious.

Some of us got to sample the local shops before we headed over to the Gallipoli Mosque for a tour to finish off the day. It was beautiful and the host there was very welcoming as he shared some of the philosophy behind their faith and practices.

It was a quiet trip home, I think everyone was still taking in all that we’d done and experienced, a very different long day out. A taster to tempt us back again.