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Life at Living Choice Woodcroft during the COVID-19 crisis

Doug and Judy Tilley pictured at an event before the new social distancing rules took effect.

Long-time Woodcroft residents, Doug and Judy Tilley, say they pleased to be living in a responsible community with caring residents and Management.

My wife and I have been residents at Living Choice Woodcroft Retirement Village for the past eleven years and never have we experienced anything like this current pandemic before. 2020 has been described by the Prime Minister as the toughest year in our lives. However, all is not doom and gloom.

We feel very safe and protected in our village with strict enforcement of government rules in place. The inhouse mail and prescription services are an added bonus.The strong bond in the village means we look after each other during these difficult times and where necessary, help each other out.

Living Choice Management has been very proactive during this crisis and communicate to us with regular updates and they have exhibited genuine concern for all residents and staff. We note they are meeting regularly in this fast-changing environment.

Management has increased our cleaning services within public areas to daily and maintenance continues to be carried out for essential and urgent needs.

In summary, we are glad we live in a responsible community with good management practices and surrounded by caring residents.