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Life before and during Covid-19 at Woodcroft

Kym and Barb’s grandchildren sent them drawings of themselves “hugging” their grandparents. We love this idea!

Living Choice Woodcroft residents Barb and Kym Hutchinson share their thoughts about living at the village prior to the advent of Covid-19 and now.

We love it here at Living Choice Woodcroft and we have always felt secure and safe in the village. Here are some interesting differences before and during Coronavirus restrictions.

Before the virus   

  • Collected prescriptions from local chemist
  • Shopped anywhere, any day
  • Met our fellow residents only at Happy Hour, craft group, etc
  • Needed information
  • Never used a computer very much
  • Barb did most of the cooking
  • We never walked anywhere
  • Very little communication with residents

After the virus

  • Prescriptions delivered directly to our villa
  • More organised with food purchases – less wastage and we only shop once between 7-10 days
  • Have met so many new people while walking around the village (daily) where we exchange ideas and experiences. We are now more aware of their joys, families and problems.
  • Use the Living Choice Woodcroft Residents’ Facebook page to communicate certain needs
  • Computer skills have grown e.g. Online shopping, contact with Living Choice management, reading the village communique
  • Have enjoyed cooking meals together - learning together is good fun!

We hope the new experiences and skills we have taught ourselves keep up post Covid-19!