Living Choice Alloura Waters Celebrates Another Milestone

Alloura Waters resident Elaine Dacey celebrated her 95th birthday this week.

Thanks to Christine and Ted Castle, a special get together was arranged at their home for Elaine’s birthday celebration.

Posters, cake, champagne, and three joined tables in the centre were arranged to cater for all the guests who helped mark this wonderful occasion.

Christine and Ted told Elaine that they were arranging a party for her earlier in the week, which was a nice surprise because Elaine thought she was going to have a quiet day.

Great Grandmother of 9, Elaine said she celebrated her birthday with family on the weekend, and her cheeky children often tell her that she’s still got her marbles, and still has the gift of the gab!

Twenty-seven years ago, Elaine and late husband, Trevor, moved into the village while she was in her late 60s. She thought she was too young to be going into a retirement village. Now, however, she loves it and said the neighbours are delightful and offer a lot of help.

With leftover birthday cake in the fridge, a home filled with more flowers than a florist and a fine finger painting by one of Elaine’s great grandchildren up on display, Elaine said she feels very blessed to have this wonderful life.