fsh update May2020

Living Choice Flagstaff Hill Construction Update May

By Rob Grech, SA Construction Manager

I believe the worst of our current uncertain times are nearly over. I hope you have all managed to stay safe and healthy.

As promised in my last update, the removal of the overhead power lines and Stobie poles commenced on Tuesday 5th May. This finalises all of the SAPN works needed for Stages 1 and 2 of the Living Choice Flagstaff Hill development.

The construction of our first villas is progressing very quickly and recent rains have not slowed us down or dampened everyone’s enthusiasm on site.

We have started construction of the first Troon and Birkdale design, making it a nice total of six homes under construction with nearly all of them having deposits.

Weather permitting, we have programmed the commencement of another six villas to start in the coming weeks with the laying of the new concrete roads earmarked for approximately four weeks’ time.

This milestone will bring an end to all civil works on site, leaving only the construction of the villas and landscaping to complete Stage 1.