Construction update

Living Choice Flagstaff Hill – July Construction Update

By Rob Grech, SA Construction Manager
Mother Nature is keeping an eye on progress at Living Choice Flagstaff Hill, blowing cold winter chills throughout our building site. The excessive downpours of rain have slowed progress on site, however long wellington boots, beanies and raincoats are the new fashion style strutting the Flagstaff Hill construction catwalk.

Building 4 - The Range – is our first apartment block and it is sprouting out of the ground like a new tree. The lower-level blockwork is in progress, awaiting the next stages which are programmed for the coming weeks.

Villa 35, a single Muirfield design, stands on top of the hill awaiting its neighbouring villas, Nos 34 and 35, the Muirfield duplex. Footings for this duplex are currently underway. Our Birkdale and Troon villas are also progressing at a steady pace.

The Construction team and all our tradespersons will continue to battle the winter weather conditions, working towards building the lifestyle community for all residents to enjoy.