Living Choice Galston Construction Update

There’s a great deal of excitement amongst the team at Living Choice Galston this week. The sales team is getting everything ready for the opening of the sales office and display centre on 15th September and the construction team is gearing up for the pouring of the first villa slabs, scheduled to take place within the next four weeks.

Those who have already expressed an interest in Stage 1 have been invited to visit the sales office on Thursday 14th September, while appointments for all others are being taken from Friday 15th September.

“We wanted to have a special day for all those on our waiting list who have been so patient while we navigated the lengthy approvals process,” said Regional Manager, Gail Eyres. “Now that we have jumped all the hurdles, we can’t wait to bring Galston’s finest retirement living to the local community,” she added.

Site Manager, Scott Henry, said several significant milestones had been achieved in August, including:

  • Backfilling of the dam has commenced.
  • The construction of the retaining walls continued for building pads in Stage 2.
  • Villa pads have been trimmed and handed over.
  • Service mains to the north of the village are 75% completed (fire, water, stormwater, sewer, electrical and communications).
  • The Construction Certificate for the villas has been received.
  • Sewer pump station is 80% completed.
  • The stormwater pipes at the entry have been installed.

Scott said that over the next four weeks, the following was planned:

  • The first villa slabs will be poured.
  • Headwalls and swale completion to be completed.
  • Western boundary retaining walls will be completed.
  • Building pads 23 – 26 to be handed over.
  • Villa retaining walls 20 – 26 will commence.
  • Bulk earthworks of villa pads to continue.
  • Dewatering plant to be removed from site.
  • Stormwater detention tank to be constructed.
  • Electrical switch room construction to commence.

The sales office will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm. To make an appointment, please phone 1800 797 333 or email