Living Choice Galston Construction
Update – April 2023

It’s been a challenging month for the construction team at Living Choice Galston with the wet weather slowing civil progress, however Site Supervisor, Scott Henry, says the company’s civil contractor is doing his best to maintain momentum.

“Bulk earthworks of the villa pads have started and construction of the perimeter retaining walls and security fencing is almost complete. The drainage swales at the Northern and Western boundaries are also completed and awaiting turf to be laid.

“We have ceased dewatering of the dam due to the water quality parameters not complying with the standards for freshwater and marine ecosystems. A revised Dewatering Management Plan is being prepared and submitted to the Hornsby Council for review and approval prior to the commencement of any further dewatering.”

Scott says over the next four weeks, the following is planned:

  • The perimeter retaining walls and security fencing to be completed.
  • Dewatering Plan to be approved and dewatering to commence by mid-month.
  • The Dewatering Plan, which has been prepared by an Environmental Consultant, at this stage, will likely involve electric pumps and a filtration system to produce wastewater to meet the strict water quality standards required.
  • Construction of swales to southern boundary to continue.
  • Bulk earthworks of villa pads to continue.