Living Choice Galston Construction Update

Despite some setbacks, especially with wet weather, some good progress has been made at Living Choice Galston.

In good news for clients, the villa pads are currently being prepared on the Northern boundary of the site and the villa slabs are expected to commence at the end of June.

Site Manager, Scott Henry, said Living Choice had received the Dewatering Plan from the Environmental Consultant and had lodged it with the council for approval.

“We are expecting the Dewatering Plan to be approved and dewatering to commence by the end of this month,” he said.

“Bulk filling has commenced on the Western side of the site and the villa pads are being prepared on the Northern boundary.

“The Northern and Eastern perimeter retaining walls and security fencing are completed and civil electrical conduits have been laid along the Northern boundary walkway. The boundary swales are 90 percent completed and awaiting turf,” he added.

A date has also been set for the opening of the sales office – 18th July – when firm expressions of interest can be taken. Keep an eye on the Events page of the Living Choice website for details.