Living Choice Parkwood Construction Update

Recent visitors to the Living Choice Parkwood sales office and display apartment will enjoy seeing a little bit of green over near the construction site.

Michael De Re advised, that the golf hole is now completely shaped with the bunker shell completed along with the green and tee bases dug and all irrigation and drainage installed.  As we write this the grass has just been laid and the sandstone rock placement has begun and is expected to be completed soon.  Next is to complete the area with fringe planting except the area around the first hole fairway as the temporary bund will still be in place until all grass and plantings take hold as well as the pump house area due to the existing power poles still in place.

Piling has been completed with 359 piles in the current project.

The western natural rehabilitation zone has commenced and will likely be completed soon, this will provide visual amenity and screening from the construction process over the course of its duration.

National Construction Manager, Leigh Buckton, said good progress was being made.

In other news Sales Consultant Michael Levick and Vickie Lea will be holding a Twilight Viewing on Thursday 23rd November.

For further information, contact Vicki Lea or Michael Levick at 1300 421 414.