Living Choice Parkwood Construction Update

The construction team at Living Choice Parkwood has been working diligently, making significant progress.  Visitors to the site would have noticed that much advancement has been achieved.

Construction manager Michael De Re advised progress has been made with the following updates: -

  • The Welcome Centre steel screw piles have been installed and can be seen protruding above the round ready to be cut down in the new year.
  • The boardwalk steel screw piles too have been installed in between rain events as the boardwalk traverses over the lake overflow swales.
  • The golf hole is almost complete with grassed areas taking hold, only minor items such as a swale bridge crossing, concrete paths to the boardwalk and connecting the existing paths are still to be completed.
  • As for the main works itself we have completed 50% of the footings over the piles to the footprints of buildings 2 & 4. We have constructed the western retaining walls to 50% of the western extent and are about to begin the formed walls/columns for the building's lift and stair cores.

To find out more about Living Choice Parkwood, visit the display apartment at the entrance to The Club at Parkwood Village, 76 – 122 Napper Road, Parkwood or phone 1300 421 414