FULL craft show 2019

Magnificent craft on show – all made with love

The Fullarton Crafters beavered away for many months to present the very best of their handmade crafts at the Art Expression @123 Fisher Crafters Exhibition which opened at Living Choice Fullarton on the evening of 6th June. Judging from the big turnout and the number of items snapped up, the exhibition looks set to be a roaring success.

Speaking at the exhibition opening, craft convenor Helen Bonet said all the items had been made with love. "Some of these pieces have wonderful stories attached to them. The necklaces, for instance - we have a couple of Crafters who have said “Oh, I couldn’t possibly do anything creative“ but they have created pieces which have a good sense of colour and style. Also the beautiful reversible slippers crafted by Joan Seymour. Joan entered them into the last Royal Adelaide Show and was awarded a First Prize and Best in Section."

Helen said Caroline Chapman was another very talented Crafter who had made a wide variety of items. "You will notice her name on many pieces throughout the exhibition but we all think her Scrumbling vest is an extra special piece of hers. We can all just marvel at the amazing amount of work that has gone into the cerise and hot pink dress totally felted on silk, with no stitches at all. This was crafted over a whole week by June Short."

Helen also pointed out Micheleine Hannaford's "A Tribute to Brian", a framed history of her late husband's life showing his various clubs, his SACA and Sturt Footy Club badges, his maternal grandfather' watch and the MG Car Club from the 1950’s.

"From Basketware to Crochet, from Felting to Scrumbling, from Beading to Knitting, from Appliqué to Ropework, from Cross Stitch to Quilting - we have it all in this glorious array of talent, and I thank everyone who contributed. I thank those who helped put this exhibition together, in particular June Short, Heather Woolford, Christine Whitford, Judy Hurley, Peter Radovic, and of course Helen Hammond and John Hughes. I also thank Damien on Fisher for his delicious food, and Living Choice for their support."

The exhibition is on until Tuesday 2nd July and around 80 percent of the items are for sale.