Wellness Jan 21

Make 2021 a happy and healthy year!

Sarah Fox, Coordinator of Living Choice’s Wellness Centres in SA (right) and Wendy Butler of Living Choice Flagstaff Hill.

Living Choice Wellness Centre Coordinator, Sarah Fox, has some good advice for residents and clients to keep them happy and healthy in 2021.

As we farewell 2020 and get into the swing of 2021, I'd like to share five suggestions to carry you forward throughout the year. These tips will help you build personal strength and resilience so that you can fully enjoy life, relationships and create a space for personal solace. More than ever, self-health is the key, including mental, physical and environmental health.

Keep a Journal

This can be a private place where all your gratitude, successes, frustrations, creative ideas can be released. You are the only one that will see it, so you don’t have to worry about sentence construction, and you can do whatever you want. Write, paste things in, draw pictures (sometimes a picture paints a thousand words), be creative.


If you were to ask me which was more important - working out every day or getting a good night’s sleep, I would always say – get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is when the body rejuvenates and the momentum of your thoughts stops. Link in journalling before bed and/or first thing in the morning for a more creative day ahead.

Segment your day

Did your parents ever tell you to concentrate on one thing at a time? Well, they were right - it’s exactly what Segmenting your Day is all about. Responsibilities and obligations can sometimes get your head in a fog. Segmenting your day reduces stress, freeing up head space and improving your mood. Take one thing at a time and be present to what you are doing. Self-talk as if you were talking to a dear friend. Observe what’s around you, appreciate the smallest and greatest elements of a task (even brushing your teeth), and praise yourself for doing such a great job.

Keep moving

Find something you enjoy and create a segment 3 – 4 times a week. It could be dancing in your living room or walking around the garden appreciating the flowers. Go online and join a movement class https://www.activeseniors.net.au/free-exercise-videos/ or join residents for a class offered by one of our fitness professionals onsite. Partner with a friend and go out into nature at the beach or in the hills. Walking in nature is very grounding and helps to calm overactive minds.


Drink plenty of water. Yes, water is a nutrient – just think of watering your plants! The body needs 7.3 litres of water every day to carry out its daily functions so we need to keep it topped up. Start with 1 litre a day and work your way up. Vitamin and mineral requirements change as we go through different stages of life (as do our calorie needs). Older adults need more Calcium and Vitamin D to help maintain bone health. Some adults older than 50 may not be able to absorb enough Vitamin B12 (we need this for healthy blood and nerves). Eat fibre-rich foods to stay regular. Another important mineral is Potassium. It’s also vital to know your fats.

A wide range of health and fitness professionals operate at the Wellness Centres at both Living Choice Woodcroft and Living Choice Fullarton and regular classes and clinics are held. The centres are open to both residents and the public. For more information see https://www.livingchoice.com.au/wellness