Art Expo march22

March Art Exhibition

On Land & Sea
The March Art Expression @123 Fisher will showcase the work of Liane Paparella and Eric Hudson in ‘On Land & Sea’. Both amazingly talented artists, they joined painting group Gallery One, Mitcham and have come together to create this beautiful display of artwork.

Even though Liane has used a whole range of art media over the years, she loves painting in watercolour and ink most of all. Inspired by artists such as Henri Matisse and Albert Marquet, Liane enjoys exploring what colour combinations have the greatest impact on the eye.

Eric, a Chartered Surveyor, took up painting seriously at the age of 36 and was fortunate to have an inspiring night-school teacher. Eric worked first in oils and then exclusively in watercolours and paints a wide range of subject matter leaning towards the sea, harbours and boats, horses and dogs.

Please join us at the opening.
Where: Exhibition area, Damien on Fisher Restaurant.
When: Tuesday 1st March 2022.
Time: 5pm to 6pm.
RSVP: Art Exhibition Opening booking sheet, Residents’ Desk by Thursday 24th February 2022.

Complimentary glass of wine, sparkling or soft drink plus nibbles sponsored by Art Expression @123 Fisher and Damien on Fisher Restaurant.
Staying for dinner afterwards? Please don’t forget to book Damien on Fisher Restaurant – phone (08) 7111 2690.
Exhibition open from 1st March to 4th April 2022

COVID-Safe guidelines will be followed.