Meet Living Choice’s top footy tipsters

The annual Living Choice Footy Tipping Competition is always keenly contested by residents and staff members and this year was no different. The winners have now received their cheques, just in time for Christmas. DAVID GRASSBY REPORTS

Well what a ride – 2020 ended off with both Grand Finals played in the rain…typical of 2020! Congratulations to the Storm and Richmond Tigers supporters – given the considerable life adjustments for players, families and staff, I reckon this year was even harder than normal to raise the trophy towards the sky. Thank goodness for footy!

Let’s start with the NRL as they got the games up and running first after lockdown. A very hard-fought battle raged all year and early on the lead swapped a number of times as Joker rounds played their part.

“Mary” was our 2020 winner with 151 and won $500. Our Central Coast and Sydney residents know Mary as John Elliott, our NSW Construction Manager. He is known as “Mary” as his older brothers are Peter and Paul. (Peter, Paul & Mary was the name of the iconic folk group from the 60’s). In second place and winning $300 was our amazing LCA Accounts Clerk from Queensland, Mandy Brown on 149, an absolute legend who gave it her best to topple John. Third was Neale Lawrence on 148 from Living Choice Kawana Island, who won $200.

The AFL comp was just as competitive this year as any other year. The lead chopped and changed throughout then settled into a pattern towards the end.

Comfortably winning $500 on 136 was “Koop1”, better known as Living Choice Broadwater Court resident, Graeme Cooper. Graeme moved in about a year ago with the sole purpose of winning our Tipping Comp – no, not really but that sounded great! Graeme is thrilled with the win and a little disappointed at bombing out in the NRL, but hey we can’t be like Mary (AKA John Elliott) who came second on 132 and wins $300.

Third place and winning $200 was a resident from Fullarton, “Me Lad”, better known to the team down there as Peter Radovic. Peter had 131 points and should be very proud of his third place as he maintained so much pressure on the tipsters above him.

Thank you all for your input into our Comp. Make sure you let all new and existing residents know about our weekly winter fun. Of course, we thank Living Choice directors, Graham Hobbs and Ian Tregoning for their contribution to the winners – it is very much appreciated.

See you all next year – go the Wests Tigers!