Memorable `Robert’s Christmas Table’ at Twin Waters

On Christmas Day in 2020, Robert Airs of Living Choice Twin Waters was being waited on at the Christmas lunch at the Shangri-la Hotel in Cairns. Fast forward one year and Robert was doing the waitering – plus preparation and cooking – for 26 residents at “Robert’s Christmas Table” at the leisure centre. 

When Robert’s travel plans were affected due to COVID, he decided to place a notice in the Village Communique, inviting all those who would be alone (both singles and couples) to Christmas lunch. A long table was set up in the bistro area and beautifully decorated with all the Christmas trimmings.  

Together with his much-valued helper, Barbara Pullen, Robert served a magnificent 3-course luncheon consisting of prawn cocktail, roast chicken, ham carved off the bone, assorted salads and bread rolls, topped off with plum pudding and custard, trifle and mince pies. 

Robert is well-known for hosting memorable events at the village and, by all accounts, Robert’s Christmas Table lived up to all expectations. Robert is already working on his next event – Morning Tea, Lamingtons and live music on Australia Day, followed by an Aussie movie in the theatre. 

Special thanks to Robert, Barbara, the helpers who washed up and Aileen Ryan for the photos.