Men’s Shed – Intergenerational Mentor program

Early this month a graduation presentation was held for the Galston High School participants who were part of an intergenerational mentoring program, where they got to learn trade skills by working with the Dural Men’s Shed for a school term.

Chris Thomas, the Men’s Shed Coordinator, said that the program serves as a bridge between the school and the trade workforce.

The Men’s Shed volunteers love sharing their skills and lifelong knowledge with the boys. They take pride in working with the boys and seeing them grow in confidence and gain skills.

Living Choice are proud to be part of this partnership and it’s so heart warming to see these boys from Galston High School participate in such an enriching program where they get to learn trade skills by working with the Dural Men’s Shed.

One of the highlights of the program was Zack’s beautifully handcrafted cabinet that he made throughout the program, and it’s pleasing to know that program has been such as success with Galston High School, and that they are looking forward to expanding the relationship in 2024.

Top image: Students and the sponsors of the Dural Men’s Shed
Below: Zack handcrafted cabinet
Bottom: Volunteers from the Dural Men’s shed that have mentored the boys from Galston high school