Never a dull moment for SA team

Living Choice staff members are used to multi-tasking and undertaking a wide range of duties that are not in their job description. It’s not uncommon to see a Living Choice Director helping to pack up after an event or the General Manager hammering Open Day signs into the ground.

While many staff members happily assist in many ways, this month’s award for multi-tasking must surely go to the SA team, led by Regional Manager, Katherine Stacey.

Faced with the problem of finding the time to make centrepieces for the upcoming SA Gala Reward Event, Katherine cleverly combined the weekly sales meeting, a 65th birthday celebration for Flagstaff Hill staff member, Sue Lock, and a work party to make the decorations needed for the event. Oh, and Sales & Marketing Assistant, Teresa Allan, managed to take some new drone aerials of the site for our marketing team too!

Joining Katherine, Sue and Teresa at the work party were Village Managers Vanessa Elmslie, Frances Parolin and Julia Jaremko, and Project Manager, Tania Sodomko. They not only finished all the centrepieces but had the opportunity to discuss items arising out of the sales meeting.

The Gala Reward Event will be held at Living Choice Woodcroft on 6th September and we are sure the guests will appreciate the work that has gone into the colourful centrepieces. Not only were they made with lots of love and laughter, but the polystyrene was recycled too. Katherine and Sue were caught diving into the dumpster truck to retrieve the discarded polystyrene – see photos below!