Living Choice Parkwood construction 1

New aerials show progress at Parkwood

Despite many challenges, including adverse weather and Energex delays, the earthworks at Living Choice Parkwood are progressing well with the entrance base from Napper Road to the sub-base at the roundabout in place.

National Construction Manager, Leigh Buckton, reported that the following activities are underway:

  • 1,050mm diameter stormwater pipes from the western drainage verge to the new lake have been installed;
  • Infill of the old lake has commenced;
  • The import of rock base to stabilise the building foundations has commenced;
  • Trial water diversions with council are progressing.

He added that the applications made last year for traffic signal changes and changes to Energex street assets were progressing.

“To keep the project moving forward, we will complete the work we can do, even though it will mean there will be poles in the middle of the slip lane waiting for their removal by Energex. Once the poles are removed, we will complete the balance of the road.”