New courtyard fountain brings joy at Alloura Waters

Despite the Covid-19 lockdowns, residents and gardening staff at Living Choice Alloura Waters sure have been busy, even after minor delays in sourcing products!

Recently, a beautiful Japanese themed garden in the courtyard at the community centre was completed with the installation of a new fountain, and what a calming effect it has. Japanese gardens are said to bring serenity and nature into crowded lives, and remind us of natural landscape. Those who walk past are now able to take the time to pause and admire the new addition and its serenity.  Alloura Waters head gardener, Trudie Allan, and resident Mirabel Coulter worked on bringing the garden to life. Mirabel is also on the village garden sub-committee and is an active member of the team so it was great to see the two of them work on the project together. 

A huge thanks to Trudie and Mirabel for their hard work on the garden. We love that you all take such pride in keeping our villages looking amazing and can’t wait to see what is next in store for the village gardens.