Flagstaff Hill Retirement Village construction

New aerials show construction progress at Flagstaff Hill

The Living Choice Flagstaff Hill site is a hive of activity with both The Range Apartments and the villas making significant progress over the past month. On Thursday 19th May, an exciting milestone was ticked off as the first display apartment was unveiled to the public.

Michael De Re, who is overseeing the construction of the first apartment building, comprising 17 apartments, said on the Ground floor, the flooring was currently being laid and the cabinetry was 80% complete with just the stone and end gables yet to be completed.

“All ground floor apartments have walls and ceiling gyprock completed as well as a second coat of paint. On Level 1, all apartments have walls and ceiling gyprock completed and the painters are starting to apply paint to the walls and ceilings.

“On Level 2, the wall framing is complete and the in-wall/ceiling services for electrical, air-conditioning and fire, known as `first fix’, is almost complete. The gyprock to the walls has also commenced.

“The roof is completed with the air-conditioning and hot water plant installed. Minor flashings to balconies are remaining. The applied rendering to external masonry/concrete walls has commenced, although wet weather has slowed this activity down.”

Rob Grech, who is in charge of the construction of the 42 villas, said it was `lights, camera and all action’ on site. “The glow of Hi Vis yellow reflects the number of trades people working externally and internally on each villa to keep the completion of the Birkdale and Troon villas progressing.”

He said the sales staff members were extremely excited to showcase the Birkdale design. “Standing on the spacious balcony you can see, hear and feel the surrounding environment and wildlife and we are looking forward to opening another display home for viewing in early August.

“The village community is growing with each new week, with existing residents welcoming new residents, building relationships, and enjoying an exciting new lifestyle at Living Choice Flagstaff Hill.”

For more information, or to book a tour, phone Katherine or David on 1800 502 524.