KI Planking Challenge 20

New Planking Challenge record set at Kawana Island

The Living Choice Planking Challenge has defied all border controls and spread from South Australia to Queensland. What’s more, the record of 8 minutes and 15 seconds set at Living Choice Fullarton a few weeks ago has been well and truly broken!

An initiative of Living Choice director Graham Hobbs, a keen fitness enthusiast, the first challenge was held with residents and staff at Fullarton a few weeks ago and Graham and SA Home Care Manager, Sharyn Williams, were the last ones standing – oops, planking. Knowing that he was planning a long overdue holiday to the Sunshine Coast, Graham threw out the challenge to residents and staff at Kawana Island and Twin Waters, with the first one being held at Living Choice Kawana Island on Tuesday 28th July.

Well-known local fitness trainer Sammy Pluck of Pursuit Fitness was enlisted to ensure that the participants warmed up properly and that their planking techniques were correct. She also provided a few easier options for those who just wanted to “have a go”.

Resident Cyril Gaudart matched Graham all the way until the 9-minute and 5-second mark when they decided to call it a draw. The star of the show, however, was 92-year-old Ray Trestrail who planked for an incredible 4 minutes and 45 seconds – what a fantastic achievement! Several other residents and staff members took part too and acquitted themselves well – congratulations to everyone.

Afterwards, residents enjoyed Morning Tea with Graham, beautifully served by the Resident Ambassadors in a COVID-Safe manner. A big thank-you to ambassadors Carole and Michael Harrison, Coralie Sawyer, Joy Hillman and Ann McMaster for their help.

Twin Waters, your turn is next – the Living Choice Planking Challenge will be held on Tuesday 4th August at 10am and word on the street is that there are a couple of serious contenders that could set yet another record!