NSW Seniors Local Achievement Awards presented to most deserving resident

The Residents’ Forum Executive Committee of Living Choice Broadwater Court nominated their Secretary, Del Pridmore, for the 2022 NSW Seniors Local Achievement Awards as part of the NSW Seniors Festival.

Del was awarded a certificate for outstanding services to the Broadwater Court Residents’ Forum at the Breakers Club in early April.

Del is incredibly humble and feels rather embarrassed about the fuss that has been made with the award. Del said, “I don’t do it for reward, but as a service to fellow residents. I love what I’m doing, and I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s not a burden and feels second nature. I turn up, I talk, and I type.”

Del moved into the village in 2004, and by August 2005 she was elected the Executive Committee Secretary and has been doing it ever since. Del prepares the Executive Committee agenda and minutes and although she very much enjoys it, she will be standing down this year. Del said, “It has been a great privilege for me to serve our Broadwater Community and be part of such a hard-working, dedicated team on the Executive Committee over many years.”

There are various other interests that occupy Del’s time: Seniors group – she is on the committee there too – church group, crafts, knitting, jigsaw, and reading.

Living Choice would like to extend our congratulations to you, Del. It’s lovely to see your work recognised and we offer our sincere gratitude for the many years of service at Broadwater Court.

Del is pictured receiving her certificate from The Hon Mark Coure, Minister for Multiculturism & Seniors, and the Hon Adam Crouch, Member for Terrigal.