Proud to be pet-friendly!

At Living Choice, we recognise the important role that pets play in the lives of their owners, providing companionship, emotional support and overall well-being.

Living Choice Kawana Island resident, Joyce Denny, loves that the village is pet-friendly. Her beloved toy poodle Savoir - or Savvy as she likes to call her - receives plenty of affection in her pampered life.

Savvy is an 11-year-old re-homed show dog that Joyce adopted four years ago. “She is a lovely little dog and provides great company for me,” said Joyce.

“While I like to get out a few times per day and walk around the village, Savvy can be quite slow.  She has a dog pram that she just loves and that way we both get to enjoy being outside,” she added.

While there are different schools of thought on the subject, recent studies have shown that our furry friends experience more feelings than previously thought. While they may not have the capability to feel emotions as deeply as humans, there is evidence that they understand and feel kindness from people.

Man’s best friend, our beloved pooches, made the top ten list of friendliest animals in the world and, being a pet-friendly village, we are happy to hear that.