Michael and Lois Gasking

Put this list on your fridge and ✔️ tick them as you go, says Michael

Michael Gasking and his wife, Lois.

Michael Gasking, who lives with his wife, Lois at Living Choice Fullarton, is known as the “go-to” man if ever you need anything made, repaired or polished! Most days, he can be found in the village workshop or in the basement, cleaning cars. He has some useful advice for those who need to fill their days in self-isolation.

Dismiss all negative thoughts

Polish the silver

Do a jigsaw

Read what your iPhone can do

Find out more about your iPad and Computer

Find out more about apps

Climb some stairs or steps

Walk around the neighbourhood

Learn some scripture

Tidy up your files

Shred or get rid of some paperwork

Go through your clothing and discard

Throw out more rubbish

Do some art, sketches, doodling

Look up some old recipe books

Clean your shutters and brickwork

Read your car instruction book

Throw out some books

Make some scones for a neighbour or friend

Do some crosswords or similar

Ring an old neighbour for a chat

Catch up with someone not doing so well

Read some of your long-forgotten books

Avoid too many movies

Swap plants with your neighbours

Recreate and replay your music collection

Write a letter as distinct from an email

Get out some of your old board games

Brush up on your First Aid skills

Learn a new skill via You Tube

Dust off an old musical instrument

Tell more of your life’s story

Explore digital news sources

Disinfect your car after shopping

Michael in his favourite place at Fullarton, the workshop.
Michael and Lois featured in the very first photo shoot to promote Living Choice Fullarton.