TW Planking 2020

Records tumble at Twin Waters Planking Challenge

A new Planking Challenge winner was crowned and more records were broken at the third round of the Living Choice Planking Challenge held at Living Choice Twin Waters on Tuesday 4th August. Resident Paul Colebrooke managed to last 5 seconds longer than Living Choice director, Graham Hobbs, notching up an amazing time of 10 minutes and 5 seconds. Paul’s wife, Anna, came third with an excellent time of 7.08. Paul and Anna spend many days a week working out at various gyms and their training certainly paid off!

Started a few weeks ago at Living Choice Fullarton, the joint winners of the inaugural Planking Challenge were Graham Hobbs and SA Home Care Manager, Sharyn Williams with a time of 8 minutes and 15 seconds. A few weeks later, this record was broken at Living Choice Kawana Island where resident Cyril Gaudart matched Graham to plank for 9 minutes and 5 seconds and most people doubted this time could be exceeded. Twenty residents and staff members turned up for the challenge at Twin Waters to prove them wrong!

Congratulations to all the plankers for their superb effort and thank you to all the supporters who came to cheer them on. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to chat at the Morning Tea – maintaining social distancing, of course. A date for the next Planking Challenge will be set soon but it could be Living Choice Woodcroft’s turn so residents are advised to start practising!