Recycling at Glenhaven provides hope

By Chris Thomas.
If you want a good story about recycling then this is it! But it’s much more than that.
The men of Dural Men’s Shed and the Management of Living Choice Glenhaven have joined forces to start a programme that not only recycles kitchens, whitegoods and appliances but, most importantly, brings hope to many struggling families who are trying to rebuild homes and lives after the devastating fires of 12 months ago.
When a retirement villa becomes vacant and a new person or couple move in, the villa is completely renovated and this allows the shed men to dismantle the kitchen and appliances.
So far this partnership, plus the support of some other kind kitchen donors, has seen more than 15 kitchens taken to the South Coast and installed in cabins that people are rebuilding.
This has certainly saved plenty of landfill, however the main gain is the saving to the recipients as they are all in dire need of funds as they rebuild.
In total, the value of the donations is probably in excess of a quarter of a million dollars, however the hope that this gives struggling families is immeasurable.
Gail Eyres, Regional Manager for NSW, said “Living Choice is immensely proud to be involved in this community project and of the amazing team from the Dural Men’s shed.”
Speaking on behalf of all the Dural Men’s Shed members, Chris Smith said they were honoured to be able to help the families in need. “The men get great satisfaction from being of value in their senior years, but it would not be possible without fantastic community-minded companies such as Living Choice.”