Dural Mens Shed Aug20

Residents join Dural Men’s Shed to assist bushfire victims

A number of Living Choice Glenhaven residents, who enjoy working with and supporting the Dural Men’s Shed, have been helping to remove kitchens out of villas to be refurbished. Together with members of the Men’s Shed, they then relocate the unwanted items to areas on the South Coast to help disadvantaged people who lost their homes in the Christmas bushfires. Many of these people are now residing in containers that are being repurposed as homes.

Over the last six months the Men's Shed has arranged for eleven big loads - in 10-ton trucks - of tools, clothing, bedding, furniture, whitegoods, carpets, kitchens and hot water systems to help the rebuilding process.

Dural Men’s Shed Coordinator, Chris Thomas said on one of their visits, they met a family comprising a mother and six children with no home. “They were in a bad way and their spirits needed lifting so the Shed blokes built a chicken coop for the kids, a guitar for one of the daughters and some artist supplies for the artistic mum, so they could start doing some fun stuff again. They now have some small living quarters built for them plus furniture, white goods, a hot-water system and a kitchen from Sydney donations,” he said.

Chris said they discovered another family whose home had been destroyed by fire. “Then after months of building a small cabin to live in, the day they were to move in, the recent floods wiped them out again.”

Chris added that the partnership between residents and management of Living Choice Glenhaven and the Dural Men’s Shed, as well as some other men's sheds, had been a great example of community spirit. “We have all come together in a positive way to give hope to many desperate families in need. We are so appreciative of the partnership with Living Choice.”

Regional Manager, Gail Eyres, said Living Choice was pleased that the donated items could be put to good use. “We are very proud of our residents who give so generously of their time to assist the Dural Men’s Shed with the important work they do in the community. Living Choice also gives an annual donation to the Men’s Shed to assist with their many projects.”