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Residents reap the fruits of
‘The Patch’

Living Choice Twin Waters residents have been enjoying their fruit trees and herb garden for many years.

It’s been a labour of love that the late Bill Andrews started in 2005. Derek Potter recalls the time when they spent days digging out the long vines and debris that covered the ground where the mature fruit trees now produce beautiful goods.

Derek said he and Bill enjoyed many happy days together planting and harvesting the fruits to share amongst the residents. He fondly recalls carrying freshly picked beans to the Leisure Centre and Pauline Doerfler dividing them up to share with everyone.

Most of the trees planted in “The Patch”, have an interesting tale behind the planting. The Seville orange tree was a tree that Bill had wanted for a while. It took a few years to mature and fruit but sadly when the fruits were plentiful Bill was no longer there to enjoy it. Bill’s children once gifted him a beehive which remains today and is a vital part of the garden.

Derek’s wife, Barbara said the Seville orange tree produces the most amazingly tasty fruit and she makes up batches of marmalade that see them enjoying it through many months.

“The Patch” supplies the residents with fresh herbs, kaffir limes, lemons, limes, avocados, mangos, Seville oranges, passionfruit and lemongrass.