Residents roll out the welcome mat
at Leisure Lea Gardens

Homemade pumpkin scones and fruit cake, a warm welcome from the Resident Ambassadors and sales team, a stroll through the beautiful gardens and the opportunity to inspect the attractive apartments – what’s not to love about the Open Days at Leisure Lea Gardens!

The pumpkin scones and fruit cake have become a bit of a tradition at the village’s Open Days. They’re lovingly made by resident Sarah Lee, who gets up at 3am to ensure the scones are freshly baked. Sarah learnt to make them as a young girl in Fiji, watching her mum make them over a claypot fire, and they’re delicious!

The Open Day was fully booked, with a few extras arriving which sent the staff scrambling for more chairs. The Resident Ambassadors kept everyone’s cups filled with tea or coffee and they also spent valuable time sitting with visitors to provide information on the activities available.

Village Manager, Linda Savige, gave a short overview of the village and introduced Vilomena Ilisabeta, Sydney Home Care Case Manager. After the Morning Tea, everyone set off for tours around the village with Linda, Sales Consultant, Anna Ginters, Regional Manager, Gail Eyres and several Ambassadors.

Many staff members pitched in to ensure the village looked spick and span for the Open Day, as well as for a photo shoot which was held the day before. Take a bow, everyone – it was a wonderful day and much-appreciated by those searching for the perfect retirement home.