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Rising up in the name of a worthy charity

Natasha Woodward reports.

Have you ever filled your car up with pillows in the name of charity? That is exactly what Ian and Maree Lawson of Living Choice Twin Waters have done.

Proud, long-term supporters of the RizeUp Australia organisation, Ian and Maree have been dedicating their time and effort for the last 2.5 years to a great cause that helps those affected by domestic and family violence. This is not their first volunteer work as they have also delivered bales of hay to farmers in drought-affected areas.

The RizeUp mission is to drive awareness of domestic and family violence within society, by generating life-changing, practical support for families affected, giving them the hope and empowerment to move on to a life free of violence. Once homes are found for the families, volunteers secretly go in and set up houses with everything that is needed for it to be liveable for the women and children who are escaping domestic violence.

“The call was put out that RizeUp Australia needed donations of pillows,” said Ian. “A family from Marcus Beach purchased 50 double pillows and 15 single pillows and donated them to the cause. We then filled our car up and headed down to the Gold Coast to the drop off centre. We still have more left to do a second trip.”

On average, 2 – 3 houses are set up between the Gold Coast and Brisbane each week, with donations coming from private donors and businesses. RizeUp works to shift attitudes, perceptions and challenge societal norms in Australia which have, as a by-product, created a toxic and unhealthy environment. The volunteers do not work directly with clients, but rather they are an add-value for services that work at the frontline with families impacted by domestic and family violence.

To become a volunteer, or simply donate to this worthy charity, see Well done on all your efforts Ian and Maree!