Rotary meeting sparks initiative at Broadwater Court

Living Choice Broadwater Court resident, Jutta Stone, arrived in Gosford about 3 and a half years ago and really wanted to help her community. By joining Rotary Club she was exposed to a variety of speakers from different associations. One in particular struck a cord – Stacy Jane from Escabags.

Escabags provides victims with ‘escape bags’, filled with the necessities that they and their children may need when initially escaping a dangerous or abusive situation. Speaking of her own experience of an abusive relationship and aching for change after the murder of Hannah Clarke, Stacy Jane started Escabags at the beginning of 2020, and they now have more than 150 stockists across the country.

Jutta, an enthusiastic sewer, was moved by Jane’s story and decided to contribute by sewing tote bags. So far Jutta, with a few helpers, has made two batches – the first batch included 120 tote bags; the second 80. She is currently at 40 bags and is still working tirelessly, despite having a busy life.

Other residents, including Judy Bridges, have been making some toys for little ones and the community has donated a wide range of toiletries.

Help would be greatly appreciated if you could donate fabric, or sew. Jutta has many patterns and she can help you create something similar, or a pattern of your choice.

A linen hamper for donations can be found in the community centre.

Other ways to show your support would be to suggest businesses that might want to be a sponsor.

Jutta can be contacted on 0413 380 142.

Should you wish to learn more about this worthy organisation, please visit Escabags website: