Royal moments – in London and Adelaide

Living Choice resident, Sue Pearce, will never forget the time she met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, now His Majesty, King Charles. She shares her story.

“In the sixties, I spent three years living and working in London where I met a charming young man, Patrick who was to be my husband after I had “captured” him and brought him home to Adelaide. Sadly, he died 6 years ago.

During the 60s, Patrick held a senior position with a manufacturing company and their business was enhanced by displaying their products at industry exhibitions which he attended. Their company had won first prize for their exhibition at Earls Court Home Expo and Queen Elizabeth was to present an award to Pat during the event.

I was advised of the most likely spot to stand to be next to the Queen, but unfortunately, I was unable to speak to her. However, 30 years later I had another Royal moment when Prince Charles, now King, visited Adelaide and was invited to play polo at the Virginian Polo Club.

It was a spectacular summer’s evening, perfect for polo, and my uncle, who was a retired farmer, happened to be the Manager at the club. He promised me that if I didn’t get to meet the Prince during the event he would make sure that I met him after the game!

The game was exciting and we were all advised that we could join a line to meet the Prince if we wished to. I leaped into first spot and as the Prince walked towards me I straightened my Akubra and braced my shoulders to which he asked my name and said ‘I do like your hat, Sue’.

I responded ‘well it is right and proper for you to speak to me Prince Charles, as I was at Earls Court when your mother was there’. Short banter took place and I will never forget it. Now I’m waiting for him to visit Adelaide again!