SA team bury the hatchet

It’s been an exceptionally busy year for the sales team and village managers in South Australia, so when the end of the year approaches, it’s fair to say that stress levels are quite high and things can get a bit – well, heated.

It’s the perfect time to have a “team-building” event and what better way to bury the hatchet than have an axe-throwing competition!

On 2nd December, nine staff members visited “Maniax” in Adelaide to release their inner warrior, including Group GM, Jason Sack, his irreplaceable PA, Teresa Allan, Financial Controller, Melanie Maughan, Regional Manager, Katherine Stacey, Sales Consultant, David Brookman, Village Managers, Francis Parolin, Douglas Rogers and Julia Jaremko, and National Marketing Manager, Linda Hooper.

Maniax specialises in hosting company teams, starting with individual coaching and target practice, followed by a tournament against your work mates. Following nearly two hours of elimination, Jason and David squared up for the Grand Final with Jason winning the bragging rights as the champion axe thrower.

Afterwards, the team enjoyed lunch at Tavern 540 in Port Road, a venue owned by Living Choice Directors, Ian Tregoning and Graham Hobbs.

Past team-building events have included tree-climbing, mini golf and sailing on the River Torrens in BBQ Buoys. We can’t wait to see what the SA team comes up with next year!