Safe passage for wildlife at Parkwood site

New aerial photos taken on 4th November illustrate the progress of earthworks at Living Choice’s newest village under construction, Living Choice Parkwood on the Gold Coast.

Importantly, two under-road wildlife pathways have been completed to provide a safe and dry passage for wildlife, including koalas. The pathways connect the environmental corridor on the golf course side to the existing bushland in Collingwood Park to the north of the site. A koala protection fence will also be installed along the Napper Road boundary.

Motorists travelling along Napper Road would have noticed the changes taking place to facilitate easy access to the Living Choice Parkwood site. National Construction Manager, Leigh Buckton, said the entrance kerbing was currently being laid and the bitumen would be applied mid-December.

“We have been advised that Energex will be removing the current power poles along Napper Road on 26th April 2023. We have also put out the tender for construction of the golf hole and rehabilitation works,” he added.

There has been strong interest in Stage 1 of Living Choice Parkwood, with some apartment designs selling out. For more information, phone Angie or Michael at 1300 421 414 or visit the display apartment at the entrance to The Club at Parkwood Village, 76-122 Napper Road, Parkwood. The sales office is open 7 days between 10am and 3pm.