Senior tennis players
impress at Mooloolaba

With 146 entries and 49 events, the 2022 Living Choice Mooloolaba Seniors’ Tennis Tournament, played at both Mooloolaba and Nambour Clubs from 15th to 17th July, was hailed as “the best yet”.

Tournament organiser, Warren Arnell, said the number of entries set a new record, with players coming from all over Queensland, interstate and even New Zealand. The tennis was of a very high standard and the weather was perfect, enabling all matches to be played on time.

The annual tournament, which also had sponsorship from Bundilla Pest Control and PacFood Pty Ltd, is renowned for its great catering, with Sharryn Reeves and her kitchen team working around the clock to keep everyone well-fed and hydrated. The BBQ cooks were also kept busy cooking bacon and egg rolls for breakfast and hamburgers at lunchtime.

Living Choice provided a beautiful hamper for the lucky draw, which was won by former world champion, Adrienne Avis from the Gold Coast. The club also raffled a Fitbit watch, which was won by Mira Thorley.

Congratulations to all the prize-winners:

Friday matches:

LD Combined 90+: 1st Karen Pearce & Linda Roberts, 2nd Kerryn Cyprien & Michelle Townson.
MD Combined 120+: 1st Gary Petterson & John Van Hellemond, 2nd Quentin Maisey & Kevin Reiher.
MD Combined 90+: 1st Valoja Illangasinghe & Vaughan Smith, 2nd Brent O'Shanesy & Glen O'Shanesy.

Saturday matches:
LD 55+: 1st Debra Horsfield & Janis Smith, 2nd Adrienne Avis & Jan Vick.
LD 35+: 1st Simona Fairclough and Trudy Miller, 2nd Kerryn Cyprien and Karen Pearce.
MD 65+: 1st Wayne Gray & Graham Mulrooney, 2nd Allen Hooper & Quentin Maisey.
MD 55+: 1st Peter Bilton & Peter Webb, 2nd Reg Baxter & Bradley Hubbard.
MD 35+: 1st Michael Craig & Brent O'Shanesy, 2nd Oliver Ehrat & Valoja Illangasinghe.
XD 35+: 1st Oliver Ehrat & Brenda Holmes, 2nd Anthony Lang & Meg Lang.
XD 55: 1st Patrick Cyprien & Linda Roberts, 2nd Greg Ploetz & Debra Horsfield.
LS 50: 1st Simona Fairclough, 2nd Ulrike Deutsch-Watson.
LS 30+: 1st Kerryn Cyprien, 2nd Karen Pearce.
MS 70+: 1st Owen Morgan, 2nd Allen Hooper.
MS 60+: 1st Nobuhiko Eto, 2nd Paul Thomas.
MS 50+: 1st Craig Galvin, 2nd Wayne Richardson.
MS 40+: 1st Shaun Summers, 2nd Scott Kelly.
MS 30+: 1st Adon Kronk, 2nd Lachlan McCullough.

Sunday matches:

MD 70+: 1st Wayne Firns & Allen Hooper, 2nd John Fergusson & John Gilley.
MD 60+: 1st Frank Byrnes & Wayne Gray, 2nd Reg Baxter & Dallas Bruhl.
XD 60+: 1st Frank Byrnes & Jan Vick, 2nd Chris Ulrik & Jennifer Osborne.
XD 50+: 1st Patrick Cyprien & Linda Roberts, 2nd Peter Storch & Christine Beehler.
LD 50+: 1st Kerryn Cyprien & Linda Roberts, 2nd Christine Beehler & Sharon Hoole.
MD 50+: 1st Matthew Hoole & Peter Storch, 2nd Warren Arnell & Peter Proost.
XD 40+: 1st Tristan Pearce & Helen Parsons, 2nd Joey Agerholm & Leigh-Anne Fraser.
LD 40+ : 1st  Simona Fairclough & Trudy Miller, 2nd Helen Parsons & Susan Rheinberger.
MD 30+ : 1st Michael Craig & Oliver Ehrat, 2nd Mathew Booy & Valoja Illangasinghe.
XD Combined 110+: 1st Bruce Mayne & Paula Rideout, 2nd Bruce Irving & Linda Irving.
LS 55+: 1st Anabela Novas, 2nd Ulrike Deutsch-Watson.
LS 45+: 1st Kerryn Cyprien, 2nd Karen Pearce.
MS 75+: 1st Ian Ruffles, 2nd Andrew Blowes.
MS 65+: 1st John Fergusson, 2nd Graham Mulrooney.
MS 55+: 1st Peter Proost, 2nd Bradley Hubbard.
MS 35+: 1st Scott Linssen, 2nd Peter Murphy.

Thank-you to Vicki Perlic for most of the photos.