tennis seniors

Senior tennis players shine at annual Living Choice tournament

Photo by Vicki Perlic

With COVID-19 restrictions forcing the cancellation of several QLD Seniors’ Tennis Tournaments this year, it was with a sigh of relief that players converged on the Sunshine Coast to take part in the annual Living Choice Mooloolaba Seniors’ Tournament held at several Sunshine Coast clubs from 16th to 18th July.
Organised by Club President, Warren Arnell, with fantastic support by the cheerful helpers in the kitchen, around 120 players competed for the 27 men’s, ladies and mixed events, ranging in age from 30+ to 70+. Apart from a strong contingent of local players, entrants came from the Gold Coast, Gladstone, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Gympie and Hervey Bay.
As the main sponsor, Living Choice took the opportunity to promote its three retirement resorts in QLD – Twin Waters and Kawana Island on the Sunshine Coast and Parkwood on the Gold Coast. There was keen interest to win the gourmet Living Choice hamper in the lucky draw – congratulations to the winner, Kerryn Cyprien of the Gold Coast!

Men’s Singles 30+ - 1st Matt Eden, Adon Kronk.
Men’s Singles 35+ - 1st Trevor Farrow, 2nd David Smith.
Men’s Singles 50+ - 1st Peter Bilton, 2nd Wayne Richardson.
Men’s Singles 60+ - 1st Peter Dighton, 2nd Stephen Fine.
Men’s Singles 65+ - 1st Graham Mulrooney, 2nd John Fergusson.
Men’s Singles 70+ - 1st Allen Hooper, 2nd Quentin Maisey.
Ladies’ Singles 30+ - 1st Kerryn Cyprien, 2nd Karen Pearce.
Ladies’ Singles 45+ - 1st Karen Pearce, 2nd Kerry Lonergan.
Ladies’ Singles 50+ - 1st Anabela Novas, 2nd Martelle Coetzer-Botha.
Ladies’ Singles 60+ - 1st Adrienne Avis, 2nd Judith Rodins.
Mixed Doubles 35+ - 1st Matthew Hoole & Sharon Hoole; 2nd Gavin Reeves & Brenda Holmes.
Mixed Doubles 40+ - 1st Victor Villanueva & Tahnee Clyde; 2nd Adam Mickelburough & Aki Lepper.
Mixed Doubles 50+ - 1st Matthew & Sharon Hoole, 2nd Patrick & Kerryn Cyprien.
Mixed Doubles 55+ - 1st Patrick Cyprien & Linda Roberts, 2nd Graham Joseph & Narelle Jeffress.
Mixed Doubles 60+ - 1st Frank Byrnes & Jan Vick, 2nd Vaughan Smith & Dianne Swan.
Men’s Doubles 35+ - 1st Michael Craig & Oliver Ehrat, 2nd Trevor Farrow & Valoja Illangasinghe.
Men’s Doubles 40+ - 1st Oliver Ehrat & Victor Villanueva, 2nd Michael Craig & Valoja Illangasinghe.
Men’s Doubles 50+ - 1st Peter Dobson & Peter Webb, 2nd Wayne Gray & Frank Byrnes.
Men’s Doubles 55+ - 1st Peter Bilton & Peter Proost, 2nd Patrick Cyprien & Chris Gunton.
Men’s Doubles 65+ - 1st Wayne Gray & Graham Mulrooney, 2nd Allen Hooper & John Fergusson.
Men’s Doubles 70+ - 1st Allen Hooper & Quentin Maisey, 2nd Dennis Biggs & Edward Dodd.
Ladies’ Doubles 35+ - 1st Stephanie Asprey & Ros Evans, 2nd Sharon Hoole & Karen Stewart-Smith.
Ladies’ Doubles 40+ - 1st Kerryn Cyprien & Linda Roberts, 2nd Christine Beehler & Sharon Hoole.
Ladies Doubles 55+ - 1st Kerry Lonergan & Linda Roberts, 2nd Glenda Hall & Kerri Illangasinghe.
Men’s Double Combined 90+ - 1st Quentin Maisey & Malcolm Pollock, 2nd Allen & Craig Hooper.
Ladies’ Doubles Combined 90+ - 1st Adrienne Avis & Jan Vick, 2nd Karen Pearce & Maryann Sciffer.
Mixed Doubles Combined 110+ - 1st Patrick Cyprien & Kerry Lonergan, 2nd Rob Nichols & Martelle Coetzer-Botha.

With thanks to Vicki Perlic and others for the photos!