Seniors’ tennis action comes to Mooloolaba

While the world’s best tennis players were striving for glory at Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world, 152 talented senior tennis players were battling it out on the courts at both Mooloolaba and Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast on 15th, 16th and 17th July.

The event was the annual Living Choice Mooloolaba Seniors’ Tennis Tournament with players from throughout QLD, interstate and even New Zealand competing in 58 events. While Wimbledon is famous for many long-standing traditions, including the eating of strawberries and cream, the Mooloolaba tournament has also earned a reputation for being one of the most enjoyable events on the Tennis Seniors’ calendar.

This year, the weather was kind and the court surroundings sparkled with colourful umbrellas and even a specially built podium where the winners could pose for photos. The faithful `hamburger team’ did a roaring trade and the hard-working `kitchen ladies’ served up the most tempting cakes, slices and toasted sandwiches. This year, even Pad Thai was on the menu. Oh, and the tennis was excellent too!

Apart from Living Choice, other sponsors included Solinco, which donated a tennis racquet for the raffle, Bundilla Pest Control and Pacfoods. Living Choice also donated a luxury hamper for the lucky draw, which was won by Reg Baxter of the Sunshine Coast. Congratulations to tournament organiser, Warren Arnell and his team for another excellent tournament and well done to all the winners:

Mixed Doubles 70+: 1st John Hobson & Lorraine Avers, 2nd Neal Carthew and Manu Mccrow.
Men’s Doubles 70+: 1st John Fergusson & Allen Hooper, 2nd Gary Petterson & John Van Hellemond.
Mixed Doubles 60+: 1st Vaughan Smith & Glenda Hall, 2nd Reg Baxter & Susan Rheinberger.
Men’s Doubles 60+: 1st Peter Bilton & Stephen Dance, 2nd Tony McMahon & Mark Sheridan.
Ladies’ Doubles 40+: 1st Brenda Holmes & Karen Pearce, 2nd Christine Beehler & Sharon Hoole.
Men’s Doubles 40+: 1st Jason Brazier & Scott Eichmann, 2nd Adam Mickelburough & Greg Westood.
Men’s Doubles 30+: 1st Matthew Booy & Valoja Illangasinghe, 2nd Damien Bishop & Trent Scheuer.
Mixed Doubles Combined 130+: 1st Ernie Young & Annette Cochrane, 2nd Bruce & Linda Irving.
Mixed Doubles Combined 90+: 1st Peter and Yvee Slater, 2nd David Lutan & Mira J Thorley.
Ladies’ Singles 45+: 1st Anabela Novas, 2nd Karen Pearce.
Mixed Doubles 30+: 1st Peter Storch & Christine Beehler, 2nd Carl Limberger & Jenan Thorne.
Mens’ Singles 65+: 1st Stephen Dance, 2nd John Fergusson.
Men’s Singles 55+: 1st Peter Proost, 2nd Rohan Thomson.
Men’s Singles 35+: 1st Scott Eichmann, 2nd Steven Cane.
Ladies’ Doubles 55+: 1st Martelle Coetzer-Botha & Roslyn Evans, 2nd Glenda Hall & Kerri Illangasinghe.
Ladies’ Doubles 45+: 1st Leigh-Anne Fraser & Karen Pearce, 2nd Brenda Holmes & Ursula McKenzie.
Men’s Doubles 65+: 1st Wayne Gray & Graham Mulrooney, 2nd John Fergusson & Allen Hooper.
Men’s Doubles 55+: 1st Warren Arnell & Michael McDougall, 2nd Peter Dobson & Peter Webb.
Men’s Doubles 35+: 1st Valoja Illangasinghe & Peter Proost, 2nd Michael Russell & Jason Sparksman.
Mixed Doubles 55+: 1st Greg Westwood & Roslyn Evans, 2nd Michael McDougall & Debra Horsfield.
Mixed Doubles 35+: 1st Oliver Ehrat & Michelle Townson, 2nd Brent O’Shanesy & Sharon Ogden.
Ladies’ Singes 50+: 1st Sharon Hoole, 2nd Christine Beehler.
Ladies’ Singles 30+: 1st Karen Pearce, 2nd Leigh-Anne Fraser.
Men’s Singles 70+: 1st Owen Morgan, 2nd Allen Hooper.
Men’s Singles 60+: 1st Peter Bilton, 2nd Stephen Dance.
Men’s Singles 50+: 1st Douglas Boss, 2nd Matthew Hoole.
Men’s Singles 30+: 1st Brenden Beinke, 2nd Scott Linssen.
Ladies’ Doubles Combined 90+: 1st Martell Coetzer-Botha & Michelle Townson, 2nd Kerri Illangasinghe & Susan Rheinberger.
Men’s Doubles Combined 130+: 1st Reg Baxter & Dalla Bruhl, 2nd Max Bates & Robert Sciffer.
Men’s Doubles Combined 110+: 1st Peter Bilton & Stephen Dance, 2nd Wayne Gray & Greg Westwood.