living choice twin waters spacious home

Spacious home impresses at Twin Waters

Many people mistakenly believe retirement village homes are small, boxy, drab and boring, however Robert and Glenda Bretton of Living Choice Twin Waters have kicked that misconception out of the park!

Robert and Glenda’s home – the Lantern design – is bold, colourful and vibrant. It’s incredibly spacious too, with soaring cathedral ceilings in the dining, kitchen and lounge areas and plenty of cupboards for storage space.

Glenda says their last home in Forbes, NSW was ornate and quite grand with Hamptons style furniture and a big garden to look after. “We’re keen caravanners and love to travel so a few years ago we decided to look for a place where we could lock up the house and not have to worry about it.”

Glenda and Robert have a much-loved dog, Buddy, so it was important to find a pet-friendly village too. “When we walked into this villa, we thought ‘wow, it’s a lot bigger than we thought. We loved the high ceilings, spacious living areas, large bedrooms and the fact that there are two full bathrooms. Sure, the backyard is small but it’s manageable.”

Despite the backyard being smaller than they were used to, they’ve cleverly decorated it with reflective mirrors, eye-catching sculptures and bright outdoor furniture. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a sundowner or BBQ.

The living area is mainly decorated in grey, black and white, framed by white Plantation shutters, however the bold artwork, beautiful artificial flower arrangements and impressive sculptures make the whole room ‘pop’ with colour.

The main bedroom is a mixture of grey, cool aquamarine and silver while the guest bedroom is decorated in pretty Spring colours.

Robert and Glenda are very sociable and, not having to worry about too much maintenance, means they can get fully involved in events at the village. At the time of writing, they were busy organising the annual Australia Day celebration, then in April, they’ll be heading up north with Buddy to enjoy another caravanning adventure.