State Opera artists entertain at Fullarton

Living Choice Fullarton hosts regular music recitals organised by resident Helen Hammond and both residents and visitors have been entertained by some very talented artists over the years. Micheleine Hannaford reports.

Every Wednesday between 5 and 6pm, we present a recital in the Great Hall at Living Choice Fullarton. We are attracting artists and programs of quality, with various performances, such as classical, jazz or Chicago-style piano, piano trio, guitars and vocals, violin and piano, Celtic Harp Orchestra, popular songs and easy listening.

On Wednesday 26th October, we had the privilege of hearing two of the emerging artists in concert, from our prestigious State Opera of South Australia. They were accompanied by Anthony Hunt, who is Head of Music and Chorus Master with the company. He also managed to show us his piano skills playing a piece by Schubert on our Baby Grand.

The vocalists were tenor, James Nicholson and soprano Jessica Mills, and what great performers they were. They brought emotion and fun from their repertoires to show us their vocal ranges, singing from opera, stage and screen. They engaged the audience with their confidence and interpretations and were very well-received.