lca glenhaven resident ambassadors

Take a bow, Glenhaven Resident Ambassadors

Living Choice’s Resident Ambassador program has been in operation for many years and has resulted in stronger relationships between residents and staff members, many new friendships being formed and a wonderful variety of events connecting residents and clients. Many of those clients have become village residents and have also subsequently become Resident Ambassadors.

The Resident Ambassadors play a very valuable role in encouraging clients to move into their village and, at Living Choice Glenhaven, they have also reached out to those who are considering their sister village, Galston. In addition, they “man” the sales office at the weekends, a service that is very much appreciated by Regional Manager, Gail Eyres.

To thank them, Gail, long-time staff member Jane Fisher, General Manager NSW & Adelaide, Jason Sack and National Marketing Manager, Linda Hooper, hosted the ambassadors and committee office-bearers to a dinner at Deli Heights, Round Corner on 20th August. It was a relaxed, fun evening and a great opportunity to convey Living Choice’s appreciation for everything they do to make Glenhaven such a sought-after retirement living destination.