A rewarding decision for Mum

My Mum is an active, independent 90 something year old who has always lived in her own unit on the third floor of a building without a lift. “The stairs keep me fit” was her mantra and indeed they did. After a fall in May last year the stairs started to be an impediment to her busy social life.

Early in January we decided to just have a look around at options, with no real intention of doing anything soon. A conversation with Juliet at Leisure Lea Gardens and a stroll through the complex really set us thinking. The unit was lovely and the view of the gardens from what was to become her new home was peaceful and enticing.

After four days of soul-searching Mum decided to make the move – a heart-wrenching decision after nearly 42 years in her home. By the end of January she had moved in. It was a truly daunting prospect for someone of Mum’s age but neither of us could believe how easy the process was.

Juliet accommodated our every request and the staff were fantastic. Within days of moving in Steve (the lovely handyman) had hung paintings, reset the shower and offered to help move furniture to just “see where you like it best”. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone.

Mum has settled in so very quickly. She has made new friends, attended ‘happy hour’ and ‘afternoon tea’ and been on a luncheon outing to Watson’s Bay. She has a regular appointment with the hairdresser and podiatrist and can see the onsite doctor should she ever need his services. The dining room serves wonderful meals and everyone loves Friday fish and chips.

I can’t believe that it has only been just over two months that Mum has been at Leisure Lea Gardens. She is as well as she has been in ages and truly enjoying the increased social contact and camaraderie.

From my perspective it has been very different from my image of a retirement village. There is an even spread of women, men and couples and the people are interesting, vibrant and fun. There is always a joke to be shared, someone to reminisce with and interesting things to learn about your fellow residents. It was a move I never thought Mum would make but one that I truly believe will extend her life and make it so much more enjoyable.

If you have an aging parent who could do with a new lease on life have a look at Leisure Lea Gardens. It does not fit the perceived stereotype of a retirement village. It is a community of fun-loving, aging people who enjoy a helping hand on occasions and more importantly the benefit of an inclusive, caring community. Our only regret is that we did not make the move sooner.

Trish Walker – daughter of Jean Mellor

Leisure Lea Gardens

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