I am so glad that I moved here

Time flies and it seems, even more quickly as one’s own years increase. I am sure that it was but yesterday that our then newly completed home was ready to receive our family, yet that was fifty seven years ago. That was a long time to spend at one address, but we had a comfortable home in a quiet street with easy access to transport and all suburban facilities. However the passing years made it ever more difficult to cope with the demands of sole living in a large house and the need to keep lawns and gardens in order, as well as home maintenance. Clearly it was time for me to move, but I wanted to be as comfortable as in my then home.

It was important that I remain in the Epping area close to my friends and interests. In addition I wanted to be free of household chores as well as meal preparation. Public transport also needed to be close by as I felt that the time had come to surrender my driving licence. All of my requirements were met at Leisure Lea Gardens where I have a comfortable supported living apartment, amongst friendly people and with helpful and friendly staff.

I meet new people every day and find it easy to make new friends.Though never a sportsman I have even been persuaded to join the weekly darts group. This is the place I now call home, and it truly is home. I am so glad that I moved here.

Ward Joice

Leisure Lea Gardens

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