I’m part of the family

When I came and visited Leisure Lea Gardens Retirement Village with my family, my son said “Dad would have loved it here” and that’s when I knew my mind was made up. It was the ninth or tenth village I had seen, and I was getting tired and picky. It was not an Open Day when we visited – we just called in to see what was available and we got to see the general village community going about their daily lives and they were obviously enjoying themselves.

The gardens looked absolutely beautiful. The trees and roses were in flower and all the other plants had their Spring show on.

Juliet sat down with us and explained what was currently on offer, making notes so we would not forget. It was a great weight lifted knowing there was a life for me here and I could feel as much or as little of it as I wanted. I asked about being involved in any committees and as the months went by, I was asked to be the Assistant Secretary of the Residents’ Committee, which has now kept me busy for almost three years. I have got to know many of the residents and they are all supportive. It’s such a pleasure to try and find things for them to be part of.

Earlier this year I had to use my emergency alarm button late one night and the lovely night staff were with me in no time. They phoned a medical team and had the ambulance here to attend to my problem.

As for the dining room, I currently use it four times a month, but I am now considering changing to six times as the meals are appetising and there’s no work for me to put it on the table.

The staff at Leisure Lea Gardens are all so supportive, kind and always willing to help when you need it. The maintenance staff have your problem sorted in no time at all.

Overall, I could not recommend Leisure Lea Gardens more highly. I am happy here and feel as if I am part of a family.

Connie Cameron

Leisure Lea Gardens

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